Friday Movie Matinee Series

Please join us at The Center: 1301 East Colfax Avenue for a free movie matinee series. All films will take place on Fridays at 1 pm, and include complimentary popcorn!

September 2nd – “Grandma” – Lily Tomlin stars as grandma, in this off-beat comedy about family. Still grieving the death of her partner, she sets off to help her teenage granddaughter and repair some relationships along the way.

September  9th – “Some Like it Hot” – This classic film tells the tale of two male musicians who witness a mob hit. In order to avoid being “whacked” themselves, they disguise as women and join an all-female traveling band. They quickly discover that it isn’t easy being women on the run.

September 16th – “Victim” – This request to reform England’s anti-sodomy laws, tells the story of a married, English lawyer, who is being blackmailed for being gay. With help from the chief of police, he sets out to catch the blackmailer, who has been targeting gay men throughout the city.

September 23rd – “Carol” – Set in 1950’s New York City, Carol finds herself married to a man that she no longer loves. And to complicate matters, she is falling for a younger woman. Facing divorce, and losing custody of her daughter, she is faced with an impossible decision.

September 30th – “Bridegroom” – In this 2013 documentary, Shane and Tom have been in a loving, committed relationship for six years. They plan to marry in California after marriage equality passes. However, after Tom’s accidental death, Shane is barred from funeral services by Tom’s family.

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